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4 Types of Claims Covered by Commercial General Liability Insurance

If you are a business with no Commercial General Liability insurance coverage, lawsuits or claims made by third parties for injuries or damages—resulting from your operations—can cause serious losses to your business and also hamper your reputation. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, it is imperative that you have a General Liability insurance policy in place, so you can stay protected against these hefty damage claims and also have peace of mind. Linx Insurance can help you get the cheapest commercial insurance in New York that is just right for you. Here are 4 types of claims covered by Commercial General Liability Insurance:

  • Bodily injury claims — General Liability insurance can help cover the costs related to bodily injury claims made by a third party. For instance, while walking through your office, a customer trips over an extension cord, falls, and breaks his shoulder. The person may ask for a claim saying they got injured on your property. If you won’t have General Liability insurance, expenses for such claims against your business will be paid out of your pocket.

  • Property damage claims — General Liability insurance can cover expenses made by you to settle a claim made by a third party for property damage. For instance, you are a landscaping company hired by a client to remove tree stumps from his property. During the process, one of the tree stumps rolls into your client’s neighbors’ property and damages it. You may be held responsible for the incident and asked for a claim on grounds of property damage. General Liability insurance can provide you coverage for such claims.

  • Claims made for damage in events — General Liability insurance for events gives you protection against claims made by third parties for bodily injury or property damage caused to them in an event. For example, during your event, a guest accidentally trips a waiter walking by, which causes an injury to him. The waiter may sue your business on grounds of bodily injury. General Liability insurance for events cover losses caused by such unexpected events.

  • Advertising injury claims — Advertising injury is caused by an offense committed by you, such as libel, infringing copyright, malicious prosecution, slander, false arrest, wrongful eviction, entry or invasion of privacy, and more. For example, if your ad campaign has a piece of music copyrighted by an artist or band, they may claim damages for copyright infringement. These types of damages are covered by General Liability insurance for advertising injury.

  • Having a commercial insurance policy is important — but a policy that is just right for you! After understanding your business needs, Linx Insurance helps you get the cheapest commercial insurance in New York-based on your unique requirements.