Searching for the best insurance plan in Flushing, NYC? We can make this task easier for you! Linx Insurance is a leading insurance agency in Flushing helping policy seekers find a plan that best meets their needs. We are your one-stop insurance resource center in Flushing and offer a variety of insurance products. Whether you are looking for business insurance, auto insurance, homeowner insurance, motorcycle insurance or workers compensation insurance in Flushing, we can be your go-to partners. We can match you with customized coverage options at the best rates available. We cover-

Auto Insurance –

When you request for auto insurance quotes in Flushing to insure your car against damages, you can see policy options laid out. You can pause and resume the quoting process at your leisure. There’s no upselling or pressure on you. You enter your own information and don’t have to deal with agents or representatives – unless you want to.

Life Insurance –

Linx Insurance works with the nation’s some of the top insurance companies to create a life insurance strategy that not only fits your situation, but also provides a value that is unmatched by other agencies. We help save you money without compromising on quality.

Homeowner Insurance –

Over the years, we have worked with many homeowners insurance companies that promise to provide cheap insurance rates. We have narrowed those companies down to about a dozen that truly offer cost savings without compromising on protection or quality of service. Our years of experience ensure that you get the right price from the right company. We help you test, evaluate, and compare homeowners insurance in Flushing, so you can have peace of mind.

Commercial Insurance –

Running a business comes with inherent risks. A natural disaster could destroy your property, an employee could get injured on the job, or a client could file suit – alleging a contractual breach. We help you find the right commercial insurance to protect your business against property damage and liability claims

Motorcycle Insurance –

With us, you also find affordable, money-saving motorcycle insurance plan, which is why riders trust us to help protect them and their different types of motorcycles.

We consider ourselves more than just an insurance broker. We strive to be a resource and a reliable partner to all of our clients in order to help them navigate the often confusing insurance buying experience. We have proper licensing and contracts to obtain coverage for your business.