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     To-Do List for Your Motorcycle Insurance Before You Hit The Road

    To-Do List for Your Motorcycle Insurance Before You Hit The Road

    Whether you are enjoying a long summertime ride, or have your bike stored away for the winter, a motorcycle insurance policy can help protect you and your motorcycle.

    As a result of sitting in your garage for so long, your motorcycle insurance policy may be in need of a little attention before you begin riding once more. So here’s a to-do list for your insurance.

    • Update your policyThe colder months may mean you are not using your bike much. In the event that you reduced your coverage for the winter season or changed to a lay-up policy, ensure that you switch to a standard bike insurance policy before getting out on the street.
    • Keep the current situation in mindA new riding season may accompany new changes. Have you encountered any significant life changes since you garaged your motorbike? They can influence your bike insurance. As indicated by the Insurance Information Institute, these are the main considerations that can influence your bike insurance costs:
      • Your age, your driving record, and where you live
      • Type or style of motorcycle you ride — for instance, sports bike, cruiser or modified bike
      • Age of the bike
      • Number of miles you ride a year
      • Where you store your bicycle
      • In case any of these have changed in the recent year, let your insurance operator know. Assessing these things with your insurance operator is critical to guaranteeing you are not going riding on the streets underinsured. Not getting enough coverage could end up costing you significantly more than your premium.
    • Take it slowYou might be tempted to take off for your first ride of the season, but it’s important to take things slow to get accustomed to riding again. You’ll need to use your first ride as a check to ensure everything on your bike is functioning just fine after the season it spent in the garage.

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