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     Why Your Business Needs Commercial General Liability Insurance

    Why Your Business Needs Commercial General Liability Insurance

    As we know, a workers’ compensation policy provides aid and support to a business’s employees, but businesses have interactions with strangers daily. What if someday you accidentally caused harm to a third party—someone not involved in the business? Let’s explore this further!

    Let’s say, you are the owner of a coffee shop with a friendly yet inexperienced staff. On a busy morning, one of your employees, while rushing to deliver a hot cup of coffee accidentally spills it on a customer’s lap. The customer gets admitted to a hospital. Who pays for the medical bills? Though the employee is technically responsible for the injury, being the employer, you are legally liable to pay for the damages! This is where commercial general liability insurance can turn out to be a lifesaver! A highly experienced and knowledgeable broker can help you get the best commercial insurance in Queens.

    Not having commercial general liability insurance can have various consequences for your business. It can hit you financially and even put you out of business—if an accident on your property causes a serious injury to a third party. You pay medical and legal expenses, as well as compensatory and punitive damages—OUT OF POCKET. On the other hand, when you have commercial general liability insurance, all these expenses are paid for by the insurance carrier—up to the limits of your policy.

    The insurance covers:

    • Bodily and Property Damages – Commercial general liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damages. Bodily injury not only includes physical but mental harm to a third party.
    • Personal and Advertising Injury -The insurance also covers personal and advertising injury caused by your business operations or services. The offenses include but are not limited to libel, slander, false arrest.

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