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     Factors that determine the price of your auto insurance policy

    Factors that determine the price of your auto insurance policy

    The amount you pay for auto insurance is determined by a number of factors—from your driving record to the type of coverage you have to where you park your car. Although different insurance providers have various criteria for this, there are some common parameters companies use to determine the bottom line on your auto policy.-

    • Your driving record and distance traveled – The better your driving record, your insurance premium. If you have serious traffic violations or accidents, it’s likely you would need to pay more when compared to having a clean record. Similarly, you pay more if you drive your car to commute long distances. If you drive only occasionally (pleasure use)—you may have to pay less.
    • Location -Auto insurance premium rates vary from one area/state to another. Because of higher rates of vandalism, theft, and accidents, urban drivers tend to pay a higher auto insurance price than those in rural areas or small towns. This is because urban areas have a larger population, which means more traffic and greater chances of traffic accidents. The weather of a region also greatly affects your car insurance rate. Areas that are routinely exposed to harsh weather have more car damage claims than areas with moderate weather.
    • The car you drive – The car you drive is a major factor in the insurance cost. Automobiles with high-quality safety equipment might qualify for premium discounts. A car with anti-theft features may impact the bottom line as well.

    Other factors that affect premium price are – cost and frequency of litigation; medical care and car repair costs; the prevalence of auto insurance fraud; etc.

    Prices for auto insurance vary from company to company. At minimum, you should secure at least 3 quotes from different companies when you are shopping for the best rates. For best insurance for vehicles in Elmhurst, get quotes from Linx Insurance– The best insurance agency in Tri-State, Jackson Heights, NY.