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     Flood Insurance — Why is it Important & How to Buy the Right Policy

    Flood Insurance — Why is it Important & How to Buy the Right Policy

    It wasn’t long ago when New York was hit by Hurricane Sandy, which led to an estimated loss of $70 billion. Flooding was a major cause of damage in this 2012 natural disaster. Most families who had flood insurance were able to get financial assistance for the damage caused, however, those who didn’t, had a really tough time recovering themselves from the loss. Though no insurance can prevent your property from being hit by a flood, getting useful flood insurance in NYC can help you protect yourself — financially. Flood insurance coverage allows you to reduce the impact of flood damage and ensure a faster recovery.

    Your Homeowners Insurance doesn’t offer protection against Flood Damage

    There is a common misconception among people that their Homeowner Insurance policy protects them against flood damage, which is not true unless this kind of damage is specially mentioned in the policy. Your Homeowner’s Insurance policy offers protection against fire, wind, lightning, vandalism, theft, and hail. Flood coverage is often excluded because flooding events are widespread and very destructive in nature. For this coverage, you need to buy flood insurance in New York outside of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

    Don’t Just Get Coverage, Get “Adequate” Coverage

    Not only having flood insurance coverage is important, but adequate coverage. Therefore, it’s crucial that before you shop for a flood insurance policy, you first analyze your requirements and know how much coverage is right for you. Though there is National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) by the government that offers financial protection against flood damage, it offers limited coverage and maxes out at $100,000 for damage for personal belongings and $250,000 for home, which might not be enough. You can get additional or supplemental flood insurance coverage through a private insurance carrier.

    Linx Brokerage Inc Can Help You Get the Right Coverage at the Best Price

    When figuring out the right flood insurance coverage, you should consider every important aspect, from the vulnerability of your region to flood damage to the cost of clean-up, repairs, and rebuilding after damage. A professional in the area, Linx Brokerage Inc, can help you in making an informed decision and get useful flood insurance in NYC at the best price. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality insurance services with the best possible rates available in the area.

    For flood insurance quotes, reach out to us by submitting the form https://www.linxinsurance.com/flood-quote-form.php and we will get back to you shortly.