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     3 Tips for Choosing the Right Private Flood Insurance Policy

    3 Tips for Choosing the Right Private Flood Insurance Policy

    Every year, floods cause a serious amount of damage in the US. Reports suggest that the damage is nearly $6 billion, which is indeed a shocking stat. Though the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is there for people to offer protection against flood damage, the problem with it is it caps your coverage. It maxes out at $100,000 for damage for personal belongings and $250,000 for home. This coverage, more often than not, is not enough. For more coverage, you should buy a separate insurance policy from a private carrier and get better protection against flood damage. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best flood insurance-

    Know the vulnerability of your region to flood damages – Because the risk of flood is higher in areas that are prone to flooding (SFHA), people living in these areas require more protection. Before buying a flood insurance policy, know the vulnerability of your region to flood damages. Also, consider its flooding history and how close you are to levees and waterways. For example, New York City is highly vulnerable to flooding due to its extensive coastal geography and intensively used waterfront. If you want to get the best flood insurance in NYC, contact Linx Insurance Brokerage.

    Do take into consideration the cost of clean-up, repairs, and rebuilding – After flood damage, the cost of clean-up, repairs, and rebuilding can also make up for a significant investment. A lot of flood insurance policies do not cover these expenses. So when you are considering buying one, making sure you also cover the cost of replacement or repairs to your structures, personal or business property.

    With so many insurance companies out there offering various flood protection options, picking one can be confusing, let Linx Insurance Brokerage help you figure out what’s right for you, so you can get the best flood insurance.